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How to Put an End to Chronic Rhinitis

How to Put an End to Chronic Rhinitis

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for tissues, battling an endless runny nose, or feeling like you’re always trying to clear your throat? You’re not alone — chronic rhinitis (inflammation of the nose) affects countless people. 

This condition, which may seem like a small nuisance at first, can become a perpetual struggle and an ongoing battle to breathe. Fortunately, at Jacksonville ENT Surgery, we can help you not just manage but end the cycle of chronic rhinitis. 

At our offices in Lake City and Jacksonville, Florida, our board-certified ENT providers use a transformative approach to chronic rhinitis to go beyond the temporary relief of your symptoms and target the condition at its source:  ClariFix®.

Keep reading to learn more about what chronic rhinitis means, how ClariFix can help you reclaim comfort and your quality of life, and what you can expect from this treatment.  

Understanding chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is an inflammation of your nasal passages that persists for months or even years. This condition is known to trigger frustrating symptoms such as a constant runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, and postnasal drip

The triggers of nasal inflammation can vary widely, depending on whether the condition is caused by allergies, a reaction to certain medications, or structural issues within the nasal passages.

Regardless of the cause, the nerves in your nose can exacerbate the inflammation. These nerves send signals to your brain, and, when they’re overstimulated by inflammation, they can send too many signals. 

As a result, your nose reacts as if there’s an infection or illness present  — even when the triggering allergen or substance has passed. This causes the linings in your nose to get even more inflamed and triggers more mucus production, creating a cycle of rhinitis. 

Living with chronic rhinitis can be more than just a daily annoyance. It can significantly impact your quality of life by causing issues such as:

It’s clear the effects of chronic rhinitis can be far-reaching. The good news is that effective treatments can help you find relief. 

How ClariFix can help your chronic rhinitis

FDA-cleared ClariFix is a minimally invasive procedure that uses cryotherapy, or therapeutic freezing, to address the problem at its source — the overactive nerves in your nasal passages responsible for your symptoms. 

Through selectively targeting and cooling the posterior nasal nerve, which is responsible for the overproduction of mucus and nasal congestions, ClariFix reduces this nerve’s activity. As a result, you enjoy a significant decrease in rhinitis symptoms.

One of the biggest benefits of the ClariFix treatment is its ability to give you long-lasting relief. Unlike other therapies that only address your symptoms and provide temporary relief, ClariFix targets the underlying mechanism of chronic rhinitis. 

As a result, you don’t just enjoy a noticeable improvement in your symptoms but also in the overall quality of your life. In fact, studies show a major improvement in almost all patients underlying the ClariFix treatment — and without any major adverse side effects! 

What to expect from the ClariFix treatment

The ClariFix procedure is performed right here at Jacksonville ENT Surgery, requiring only local anesthesia. This outpatient procedure takes just a few minutes to complete, and our patients report minimal discomfort and a quick return to their daily activities. 

Your provider guides the ClariFix device to the back of your nose, where it delivers a controlled cooling effect to the target area. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll notice improvements in your symptoms within the weeks following the treatment.

Patients considering ClariFix should consult with an ENT provider who specializes in nasal or sinus care, like the team members at Jacksonville ENT Surgery. Your provider can evaluate your symptoms and help you decide if this treatment is right for your unique condition. 

Our practice is dedicated to providing personalized ENT care, and we’re here to diagnose your condition accurately and to recommend the most effective therapy for your needs. If ClariFix isn’t right for you, we help you understand alternative therapies and strategies so you get the relief you need. 

Take the first step towards breathing easier by scheduling a consultation online or over the phone to discuss ClariFix with a provider at Jacksonville ENT Surgery in Florida. 

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