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Nasal Airway Remodeling - Relief Without Surgery!

Nasal airway obstruction, also known as chronic congestion, can lead to a blocked nasal passageway, dramatically impacting the ability to inhale an adequate amount of air through your sinuses. 

This diminished air volume in the nasal cavity can cause:

Chronic nasal congestion
Difficulty breathing through your nose
Snoring, difficulty sleeping, and subsequent fatigue
Inability to get enough air during physical activities

RELIEF IS HERE with Jacksonville ENT Surgery offering VIVAER® Non-Invasive Nasal Airway Remodeling

The VIVAER® procedure is fast, and can be performed in office with ease. VIVAER® uses a proprietary energy treatment to gently and permanently reshape your nasal passageway to improve airflow without any cuts or incisions. It’s safe, effective and you will notice an improvement in your ability to breathe through your nose immediately after your treatment. 

VIVAER® Fast relief with real results:

Non-Invasive - Proven ability to treat nasal obstruction by reshaping your nasal tissues without any cutting or use of implants.

In-Office - Easy in-office treatment, using only local anesthetic, so you can immediately go about your day.

Clinically Proven - Test results show significant improvements in symptoms related to nasal obstruction, similar to invasive surgical treatments, but without the cutting, pain or recovery time.

Am I A Candidate For VIVAER®?

Here is an at-home test we recommend trying to see if you could benefit from nasal airway remodeling:

Cottle’s Maneuver - DIY diagnostic procedure for assessing nasal obstruction/congestion

Hold two fingers together, on both hands, and place the tips of your fingers on either side of your nose, pressing down on your cheeks and away from the nose.

This will temporarily open the nasal valve. If this minor adjustment enables you to inhale more easily through your nose, it’s likely that your nasal obstruction may be within your nasal valve, which could qualify you as a candidate for VIVAER® nasal airway remodeling.

Nasal airway obstruction has traditionally been treated by ongoing home remedies or traditional nasal surgery.

Today there is a third option: VIVAER® non-invasive nasal airway remodeling.

If you’re tired of nightly breathing strips, nasal dilators and/or sprays that never completely resolve the problem, but have no interest in undergoing traditional painful surgical methods, which can be dangerous without guaranteed results… Then VIVAER® non-invasive nasal airway remodeling could be the right choice for you. Contact Jacksonville ENT Surgery to schedule your consultation today.

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