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Pediatric ENT


Our doctors work closely with a patient's primary care physician to provide the best solution for adult and pediatric ENT problems. We also work closely with the pediatric patient's parents to educate them as to the cause of the problem and what they can do to help their infant or child.

Does your child suffer with ear, nose or throat problems?

Doctors at Jacksonville ENT Surgery always seeks to provide the best solution for speech disorders, chronic ear and throat infections, head and neck deformities, and other ENT problems. If our ear, nose and throat specialist believes a patient might just outgrow their condition, then they will outline interim treatments. If conditions persist, surgical and other medical options can be revisited over time.



Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat Problems

Younger patients tend to suffer with many of the same ear, nose and throat problems that adult patients face. Our ENT doctors will often prescribe antibiotics, decongestants, allergy medications or cognitive therapy for their stuffy nose, ear infections, fluid in the ears, post nasal drip or speech related problems.

In children, age 4 and over, removal of adenoid tissue (adenoidectomy) has been shown to reduce the rate of recurrent ear infections. In this age group, adenoidectomy is frequently performed at the same time as ear tube surgery. In addition to improving eustachian tube function, adenoidectomy can also reduce nasal congestion and improve breathing in children.

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