Electronic Medical Records


Compared to paper charts, an electronic medical record (EMR) is a more rapid and efficient method to store critical patient information. The EMR is packed with many tools that help doctors make better decisions and improve patient safety. For example, our EMR contains a PDR dictionary that provides detailed information about every drug prescribed.

Each time we prescribe a new medication, the EMR reviews every medication the patient is taking to ensure there are no drug interactions. Prescriptions are sent directly from the EMR to the pharmacy making it more convenient for you to get your medication. Furthermore, the prescriptions are typed decreasing the chance that the pharmacist will make an error because of poor physician handwriting.

Our Medical Records are backed up every 10 minutes at an off-site location and every week in the office. The EMR contains disease specific treatment protocols that improve the quality of patient care. We believe that one day the EMR will be mandatory for all medical practices. The fact that we have been using the EMR since 2003 reflects our commitment to remain on the cutting edge of technology and to offer our patients the best medical solutions available.

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